Consulting Services

ProTek IT works closely with you, our client partners, to understand and define your specific business needs, in order to develop tailored solutions that meet your desired business objectives. Our approach is based on answering your specific business needs by leveraging the best solutions on the market.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Talk to us about the use of artificial/augmented intelligence and machine learning can improve and revolutionize your professional practice.

Cloud Services & Solutions Provider

Cost savings, operating instead of capital budgets, scaleable/seasonable increase/decrease in resources, pay for what you are using. State of the art Canadian reliable and secure data centers. Custom, Azure or Amazon hosted solutions.

Break-fix & Maintenance

Maximize the life expectancy of your devices and solutions as our IT support and network services help you with the maintenance and fix breaks for you.

24/7 IT Support / Helpdesk

Reduce the impact of downtime on your business-critical equipment as we offer IT support solutions 24/7. Provide live support to your team by leveraging our team of live helpdesk experts.

Renewals, Warranty & 3rd Party Warranty Services

Benefit from our link with manufacturers and vendors to monitor license and hardware critical dates. We make your warranty purchases and renewals easy. When original manufacturers cease warranty coverage, our 3rd party warranty allows us to increase the life expectancy of your devices and equipment.

Product Sourcing & Financing Options

Benefit from the best sources of hardware, services and licences you need for all your IT projects combined with flexible financing options. Ask us how we can include staff training costs into your financing plan.

''As-a-Service'' Options

Gain more flexibility by opting for as-a-service options for the IT solutions that propel your business.

On-Site Services

We don’t simply sell you the hardware, we can simplify the installation, configuration and deployment of your IT solutions at your local or remote site(s).

Reuse, Recycling and Disposal

When your equipment reaches the end of its useful life for you, chances are it is still useful to others. ProTek IT will facilitate the secure reuse or recycling and disposal of aging devices.