Managed Services

ProTek stresses Service over all else, if there is anything we can do to assist you all you need to do is ask. With ProTek IT’s managed IT services, your IT solutions will always be managed according to the best practices in the industry, maximizing their value for your business. Plus, our team of experts will help you plan and predict your IT expenditures according to your unique business needs.

Desktops & Servers

Your two most important IT systems are also your most threatened assets.  Our managed services can provide cost-effective reassurances.  From patch management, threat protection solutions & backup/restoration services are just the start. Let us show you how you can have Desktop as a Service, physically and virtually on the cloud.

IT Staffing

Short term, long term or project/skills specific requirements. Carefully screened, experienced and certified staff are just a call away.  Ask how our IT Staffing resources can help you improve your inhouse IT support needs.

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS & VOIP

Software, Platform, or Infrastructure as a Service, we are your go-to provider for transition services.  Moving from in-house to cloud be it computers or phone systems is a complicated and multi-faceted project that benefits from experienced professionals.

Network Devices

We partner with a wide array of product vendors for the needs of small to enterprise businesses.  From firewalls, switches, wifi nodes and many more.  Let us modernize your network to yield to latest in speed and security.

Cloud Services

Have terms and services like: AWS, Microsoft 365, G Suite, Azure; Private Clouds; Hybrid Clouds; Community Clouds, Public Clouds have you confused?  Talk to us for clear answers and how these services can improve your IT systems, reduce costs, improve data protection and many more things.

Managed Print Services

Let our managed print services help you with printer selection, purchase, lease or per page “rent”.  Predict and reduce printing costs and supplies, easy and cost-effective toner, preventative maintenance plans.

24/7 IT Support / Helpdesk

Reduce the impact of downtime on your business-critical equipment as we offer IT support solutions 24/7. Provide live support to your team by leveraging our team of live helpdesk experts.

Backups / Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

When, not if, an “event” should strike your business.  Backups are the protection of your business data.  Business Continuity outlines steps to take in the event of “minor” issues like power outages or localized interruptions.  Disaster Recovery outlines the steps to take in the event of a major catastrophic event.  Sit down with ProTek and, our team of professionals, who have helped businesses write, train and test programs and let us show you the path forward.

Password and Multi-Factor Authentication

Protecting your login account requires management and enforcement of complex passwords and routine changes.  Today’s use of multi-factor authentication or one-time use codes reduces your exposure to embarrassing account compromises and client data exposure on the web.  Ask how ProTek can assist with the development of a password policy, deploy a variety of hardware (tokens), software and management tools to provide your users with an easy and efficient password protection program.